Whole House Fans Benefits

Whole House Fans are a great GREEN option to cooling your home!
Cool Your Home with a Whole House Fan Uses About 10% of the Energy Your Air Conditioner Uses!
In the summertime, the air inside your home is heated during the hot part of the day. In the morning or late evening, the outside air is frequently cooler than the air inside of your home. This is the best time to open screened windows and doors and operate your Whole House Fan.
An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come
Before there was air conditioning, homes were cooled by relying on Mother Nature. Such things as shade trees, roof overhangs, and the orientation of the home itself all played an important role in maintaining a home's livability during hot summer months. Whole house fans were often used to replace hot, stale inside air with cooler outside evening air drawn through open windows and doors. But with the advent of air conditioning systems, these low-cost cooling methods, including the use of whole house fans, were gradually reduced to secondary strategies. Now, with energy costs becoming increasingly important, people are taking a second look at these and other methods to reduce energy costs. Hence there is renewed interest in whole house fans.
What are the Benefits?
A whole house fan can be used to reduce the need for air conditioning. Outside air temperature and humidity dictate times when the whole house fan would be favorable over air conditioning. If both methods of cooling are present, a seasonal use of the whole house fan (during spring and fall) may yield the optimum combination of comfort and cost.
A Smart Investment
Whole house fans are inexpensive, even when professionally installed. They usually pay for themselves in a few short seasons. For cost- effective cooling, they're hard to beat. Click here for more REBATE information.
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