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Reduce home cooling bills by up to 90%!!

If your house already has an air-conditioning system, use your Whole House Fan at temperatures of 85 degrees or below and the air conditioner at temperatures of 85 degrees or above, and you'll receive maximum comfort with greatly reduced electricity bills. Savings of up to 90% savings are common. Northern California Whole House Fans keep you cool while saving money. It really is this simple and easy.
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"I believe we offer the two BEST build whole house fans on the market." - Jim Moreno, owner, Nor Cal Whole House Fans.
Quiet Cool is a duct fan that means the fan is at the end of a duct. The duct is then attached to a shutter grill on the ceiling of your home. These fan are quieter, but a little more expensive.

Triangle Engineering makes the best belt-driven whole house fans.  We only use the belt driven fans. These fans typically move more air (CFM) then the Quiet Cool fan but they are a little louder. 
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