Whole House Fans Solutions:

Whole House Fans are a great GREEN option to cooling your home!
A Whole House Fan (WHF) pulls cooler outside air in through open windows and sends hot air out through attic venting. Our WHF's are a quiet, energy efficient and a great way to cool your home. They use 1/10th of the energy of AC.

A WHF is effective when the outside temp is lower than the indoor temp. Typically when the temp outside drops to 80 or below you can turn off your AC, open your windows and cool your house.
Why Use A Whole House Fan?
A whole house fan is a simple and inexpensive method of cooling a house. The fan draws cool outdoor air inside through open windows and exhausts hot room air through the attic to the outside. The result is excellent ventilation, lower indoor temperatures and improved evaporative cooling.

Consider a fan with at least a high and low speed. The high speed can be used for flushing the initial heat build-up from the home, and the low speed may be used for gentle air circulation and continued cooling. A belt-drive fan is generally quieter than a higher R.P.M. direct-drive unit, but will require periodic maintenance of the belt and pulley assembly.

"I believe we offer the two BEST build whole house fans on the market." - Jim Moreno, owner, Nor Cal Whole House Fans.
Quiet Cool is a duct fan that means the fan is at the end of a duct. The duct is then attached to a shutter grill on the ceiling of your home. These fan are quieter, but a little more expensive.

Triangle Fans are a standard type whole house fan. We only use the belt driven fans. these fans typically move more air (CFM) then the Quiet Cool fan but they are a little louder. The Triangle Fan is the best built standard fan on the market.

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